Logo courtesy of  THORNE

Logo courtesy of THORNE

Thorne Research is the gold standard for nutritional supplements.

The supplement industry is difficult to navigate when you are looking to find true quality. Entire magazines are dedicated to selling supplements, celebrity fitness personalities are promoting supplement brands, and social media advertisements are always claiming the latest and greatest.

You probably wont see Thorne Research ads promoted all over social media, in bodybuilding magazines promoting sketchy supplements, or latest celebrity slinging a quick fix.

Thorne's products stand alone. The quality of their products is unmatched and they strive to prove safe and effect supplements. They are backed by science and their products are highly vetted.

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Thorne Research is a proud partner of 12 USA teams


Thorne performance Supplements

“Our goal, as a company, is to put the athlete's health and safety above all else. It's why we have the most comprehensive line of NSF Certified for Sport® products on the market and why we commit 5% of all sales back to R&D and Quality Control - both set the bar for the industry. There's simply too much at stake and too many hours of dedication invested by these athletes to not give it everything we have in providing supplement solutions that work.”- Wes Barnett Thorne, VP, Sports Performance & 2x Olympian

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Thorne Research sport performance supplements are used by 12 USA National Teams. Their supplements are made in a NSF-GMP Certified Facility and their sports performance supplements are also tested by a third party to acquire a  NSF Certified For Sport Certification, which ensures safe, non-contaminated, and free of banned substances. NSF tests for more than 270 substances that have been banned by the World Anti Doping Agency and the United States Anti Doping Agency. 

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