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Performance Enhancer | cognitive Support | health

  • The nutritional supplement used for energy production.

  • Very well studied and inexpensive.

  • Shown to be safe and effective for most populations.

  • Supports muscle maintenance and production.

  • Can improve athletic performance.

  • Potential cognitive enhancement benefits.

  • A 3-5 gram dose can be taken daily, more is not better.


Thorne Research Creatine


Stimulant | Performance Enhancer  

  • Potential physical and cognitive performance enhancement.

  • Can support fat loss.

  • Doses will vary from 100-500 mg, but caution should be used especially with individuals with high blood pressure.

  • Caffeine's effects will vary based on the frequency of use and how fast an individual metabolizes caffeine.

  • Goes well with L-Theanine.

Recommended Resources

HVMN Sprint

Liftmode Caffeine & L-Theanine


Performance Enhancer

  • Amino acid used to make Carnosine

  • Carnosine plays a role in muscle ph and can reduce acidity

  • Used to reduce muscular fatigue and increase muscular endurance

  • Can help with lean muscle gain

  • May have anti-aging benefits

  • Potential benefits are shown while strength in rep ranges around 12 and during shorter duration cardiovascular activities lasting less than 4 minutes.

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Beta Alanine-SR


Amino Acid | Training Recovery | Immune health

  • Help repair muscle cells post-workout and during injury recovery

  • Supports gastrointestinal health

  • Immune system support

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research L-Glutamine Powder


Athletic Performance | Heart Health | Anti-Aging

  • Helps convert fat to produce energy

  • Supports heart and skeletal muscle muscle function

  • Helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research L-Carnitine


Performance Enhancer | Cognitive Enhancement

  • Potential to increase power output in athletes

  • May be neuroprotective and slow cognitive decline

  • Can improve attention, memory, and concentration

  • Caffeine may enhance effects

Recommended Resources

Jarrow Alpha GPC

ONNIT Alpha Brain

Protein Supplements

training Recovery

Supplemental protein is an easy source to meet protein needs when adequate protein is able to be consumed through daily food intake.


Whey Protein Shake

training Recovery

Thorne Research Whey Protein Isolate

Vegan Protein Shake

Training Recovery

Thorne Research VegaLite

MediPro Vegan All-In-One Shake

Rice and Pea Protein Shake

Training Recovery

Thorne Research Mediclear-SGS 

Mediclear Guide

Protein Bars

Training Recovery

RX Bars

Quest Bars


Training Recovery | Health | Anti-Aging

  • Can help training recover

  • Supports gastrointestinal health

  • Immune system support

Recommended Resources

Pure Encapsulations Colostrum

MIP Colostrum New Zealand- 100% Pure Bovine

Colostrum Info

Essential Amino Acids

Training Recovery

Recommended Resources

Montiff All Basic Plus Amino Acids

Thorne Research Amino Complex

Multi-Vitamin and Minerals

Health | Wellness

  • There are 24 essential Vitamins as well as minerals that needed that are vital for health and to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

  • Essential Vitamins can be obtained through food

  • Vitamins and minerals not obtained through food should be supplemented to prevent nutrient deficiencies

Recommended Resources

Pure Encapsulation UltraNutrient

Thorne Research Basic Nutrients 2/Day

Thorne Research Multi Vitamin Elite

Thorne Research Multi-Vitamin Elite Packets


Performance Enhancer | Adaptogen

Recommended Resources

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport



Recommended Resources

Pure Encapsulations CoQ10

Healthy Origins Ubiquinol

Digestive Enzymes

Gut Health

Recommended Resources





Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Calcium D-Glucarate


Health | Sleep | Recovery

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Magnesium Citrate

Thorne Research Magnesium Bisglycinate


Health | Recovery

  • Provides essentials minerals

  • Helps prevent dehydration

Recommended Resources

NUUN Hydration

Vitamin D


Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Vitamin D / K2 Liquid

Thorne Research D-1000



Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Zinc Picolinate


Gut HealtH | Immune Support | Health

Recommended Resources

Syntol Advanced Microflora Delivery

Thorne Research FloraMend Prime Probiotic

Thorne Research FloraSport 20B


Health | Detoxification | antioxidant |Cognitive Support

  • Supports a liver health and detoxification

  • Help body recover from training and reduce oxidative stress

  • Supports cognitive function reducing free radicals

  • Supports lungs, heart, and eyes

Recommended Resources

Pure Encapsulations Reduced Glutathione

Thorne Research Glutathione -SR


HealtH | Energy | Blood Support

  • Essential for red blood cell support

  • Helps prevent fatigue

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Iron Bisglycinate


Sleep | Pain Relief | Well Being

Recommended Resources

Purkratom Premium Bali Kratom


Health | Sleep

  • Healthy sleep support

  • Helps balance circadian rhythm

  • Can help prevent jet lag effects

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Melaton-5

Curcumin / Tumeric

Training Recovery | Inflammation

  • Can reduce joint inflammation in runners and athletes

  • Help support inflammation and injury recovery

  • Reduces inflammation and supports training recovery

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Meriva 500-SF 120's

Nicotinamide Riboside

Health | Anti-Aging | Cognition | energy

  • Beneficial for muscular endurance

  • Supports energy production

  • Potentially neuro protective

Recommended Resources

Elysium Nicotinamide Riboside and Pterostilbene

Elysium Basis Premium NAD+

Thorne Research NiaCel-250

Fish Oil / Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Health | Cognitive Enhancer

  • Supports brain and cognitive function

  • Supports heart health and respiration

  • Supports healthy skin and bone health

Recommended Resources

Pure Encapsulation Ultra Krill + D

Thorne Research Omega Suberb

Thorne research Super EPA

L- Citrulline/Arginine

Performance Enhancer | Men's Health

  • Promotes production of nitric oxide

  • Enhances blood flow

  • Supports healthy blood pressure

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Perfusia-SR


Anti-Aging | sleep Support | Stress Support

  • Beneficial for reducing eating due to stress

  • Supports weight loss

  • Supports DHEA levels

  • Can reduce anxiety and reduce cortisol

Recommended Resources

Thorne Research Relora Plus