The Skulpt Scanner Review

Body Fat and Muscle Analysis Device


Category: Self Tracking | Fitness | Performance

The easiest and most efficient way to measure body fat.


  • Measures body fat quickly and accurately.

  • Test 24 different areas to measure specific body fat.

  • Identify the quality of muscle in 24 specific areas.

  • Works with an easy to use app to visually display results.


  • No body fat measurement is 100% accurate.

  • Measurements can vary based on hydration status.

There is not a device that compares to the Skulpt scanner because of it’s portability, ease of use, and it’s ability to not only measure body fat but also analyze muscle quality. The closest comparable device would be a Handheld Fat Loss Monitor, which is a decent way to measure body fat but does not measure muscle content at all.

Working in sync with the Skulpt app allows you to visually see area of your body which need improvement, and identify muscle content. The ability to see the amount of muscle and fat in 24 specific areas allow you to workout and program for specific areas and identify weaknesses.

  • Skulpt Body fat and muscle scanner

  • Who is it for?

  • Whats Included?

  • Features

  • Tutorial

  • Alternatives

  • Conclusion

Part 1: Skulpt Scanner

What it is, what it does (it’s mission), when was it released, has it undergone any upgrades/changes

Part 2: Who is the Product for?

The Skulpt scanner is for fitness professionals as well as fitness enthusiasts. The price point of this product makes it accessible to individual that want a high quality way to measure body fat and analysis muscle content without spending thousands for lab testing. There is no learning curve involved to use the Skulpt. It works right out of the box and comes with an easy to use app that graphically displays an analysis of your body fat and muscle content.

Part 3: Whats included





Explain what comes with the product, accessories, extras, assembly tools etc… Include parts that are not included.

Part 4: Overview of features

Measure body fat and analyze muscle content.

Part 5: Tutorial

This can be gone by embedding an existing Video/tutorial how to video

Part 6: Alternatives

Compare multiple forms body fat analysis.

Best ways to measure body fat.

Part 7: Conclusion

This is a must have for any fitness professional or fitness enthusiast who wants an easy to use reliable way to measure body fat and measure muscle content.