Holy Grail Steak Co.

Holy Grail Steak Company is not your run of the mill steak delivery company. The Holy Grail Steak Company travels the world to find the finest beef (including real Kobe beef), sourced from the highest quality farms and farmers that are committed to their trade. Get the highest quality steaks you find online shipped straight to your door.


If you can’t pick just one, choose a flight of steaks and try your choice of a few of the finest steaks from around the world.

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The Holy Trinity Package- The Best Japanese A5-Grade Ribeye Steaks

  • Kobe Beef

  • Omi Beef

  • HidaGyu


A-5 tour of Japan Strip Steak Package

5 x 14 oz strip steaks

  • Hokkaido - Tokachi Farm from the north Island of Hokkaido

  • Gifu - Hida-Gyu from the main Japanese Island of Honshu

  • Kagawa - Sanuki Olive Beef from the central island of Shikoku

  • Miyazaki - Ozaki Farm on the southern Island of Kyushu

  • Kagoshima - Nozaki Farm on the southern Island of Kyushu


Legends of Japan Package

These are considered the best steaks in the world. They come from the finest cattle with specific genetics, raised on a particular organic diet with some exotic flavors added to bring out the distinct taste of these meats.

  • Kobe Beef Strip Steak

  • Chateau Uenae Private Reserve Ribeye

  • Ozaki Farm Strip Steak