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The Bullfrog Pro Training System

Sandbag Training

The sandbag is a simple but extremely versatile training tool. At first look you may question the applicability of the sandbag for strength training but you can substitute the sand bag for almost any movement you can before with free weight plus movements you can not perform with standard dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells. The largest difference between the sandbag and free weights is obviously the instability of the load. The instability requires a greater requirement from muscles to stabilize the load. It also provides the ability to perform exercises not typically found in the gym but may have more carry over to natural athletic movements such as heavy weighted carries with arms wrapped around the load, various lifts from the floor, and throws that can closely simulate moving a body such as in wrestling, football, and rugby.

Ultimate Sandbag: Strength Package

  • Outer shell: uses a closure system both zippers and snaps to secure contents

  • Filler bags: allow for easy weight adjustment and more secure sandbag

  • Multiple Handles: the variety of secure grips allow for a wide range of exercises and techniques

  • Bonuses: includes training DVD, booklet, and wall poster

Ultimate Sandbag: Strength Package

Ultimate Sandbag Training Videos Functional movement and performance is about developing strength, stability, core strength, and power in many different planes of movement. The Ultimate Sandbag Training System is the very best way to challenge one's fitness through all these demands. Ultimate Sandbag exercises make one move in ways with strength training that most people have never done before.

Speed Training


Vertimax Raptor

Vertimax Raptor: 12-24 lbs.

The Vertimax Raptor is a portable speed and strength training tool

  • Easily attaches to walls or fences and pulley system is attached to the athlete

  • Provides the ability to provide resistance vertically or laterally

  • Feeder pulley has a range of up to 30 yards

  • Provides 3 resistance options: 4-8 lbs, 8-16, and 12-24

vertimax-rapto - Copy.jpg

Speed Training With Vertimax


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