Common cold & Flu Remedies


There are more than 1 billion colds in the u.s. every year.

Additionally, up to 20 percent of the U.S population will get the Flu. Of the 20 percent, 200,000-500,000 will be hospitalized, and about 40,000 will die.

There is probably a good chance you’ve been included in one of those statistics. If so, you’ve probably done every thing you could to prevent getting a cold or flu but sometimes it’s inevitable.

In addition to doing everything could to prevent an oncoming sickness you’ve probably tried all of the possible remedies to cure a cold or flu once you have gotten it.

Every fall you start to hear about flu vaccines, the newest cures, and the latest and greatest way to prevent from getting sick but what really works and what is useless?

fight it or prevent it?

To understand if it is better to take steps to prevent a cold or flu, you must first know what you are fighting.

Colds and the flu are both caused by viruses. There are more than 200 different viruses that can cause colds. Cold viruses are easily transferred through touch and usually develop and proliferate in the nose. The flu is transmitted through bodily fluids through orifices such as, the nose, eyes, and mouth. The flu virus can last on surfaces up to 3 days. So like you’ve been told all your life, was your hands when you expose your hands and body to multiple surfaces.


When you’re exposed to a virus your body produces an immune response. The immune response produces molecules called cytokines. The cytokines help the body fight the virus but are also responsible for the symptoms you feel such as, coughing, sneezing, and a running nose. Cold symptoms, mostly effect the upper respiratory tract, nose, mouth, and throat. The flu symptoms will be more prevalent in the body. Flu symptoms can include aching muscles, fever, shivering, and sweating.

If you are already feeling symptoms of a cold or flu is it beneficial to take supplements or medications that claim to boost your immune system or is it better to use something that prevents illness in the first place.

What works and what doesn’t

You might not have some of these in your medicine cabinet

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Vitamin C

  • Protects against cellular stress from colds

  • Supports immune cells

    • Immune cells have 10-50 times higher concentration of vitamin C. More than blood and body organs.

  • Helps produce the antioxidant form of vitamin E

  • Increases levels of glutathione, which supports immune system.

  • Dosage

    • 250 mg-1000 mg

  • Can shorten duration of cold

  • Reduces risk of getting a cold

  • Helps during periods of stress from cold as well as exercise

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Pelargonium Sidiodes

  • Helps treat acute bronchitis

  • Has anti-infective properties

  • Reduces cold and flu symptoms

  • Stimulates immune system and up-regulates cytokine production

  • Can reduce symptoms of exhaustion and fatigue related to cold and flu

  • Dosage

    • Varies

    • 4.5 ml tincture or 30 mg capsules

Umcka Drops

American Ginseng/Panax Ginseng

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  • Can support immune cells and increase cytokine production

  • Supports prevention and reduction of colds

  • May help reduce fatigue related to cold and flu

    • look for active ingredient ginsenosides to prevent fatigue

  • Dosage

    • 200 mg of American Ginseng 2 times a day

    • 100 mg of Panax Ginseng for prevention

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Modified Yeast

  • Can help reduce duration of cold and flu symptoms

  • May specifically help reduce nasal allergy symptoms

  • Microbiome and gut health and immunity benefits

  • Dosage

    • Varies

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  • Zinc deficiency can result in a increased risk of infections

  • Helps protect cell membranes from toxins

  • May reduce symptoms of cold when taken within 24 hours of symptom onset

    • Should not be taken as a preventative measure only after the first signs of sickness

  • Dosage

    • 10 mg- 15 mg taken every 2-3 hours

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Other cold and flu remedies


Vitamin D




Essential oils

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