What Should The Reps And Sets be For Building Muscle and Getting "Ripped"?


HOW To Build Muscle and Actually See That Muscle

Repetitions and sets are important but you also need to consider other program variables. Your program needs to have the appropriate Volume, Load, Rest, and Tempo. Then getting "Ripped" is simply losing enough body fat to reveal the muscle.

Most training results are highly dependent on the individual. Results can vary greatly between individuals for numerous factors such as genetics, biological age, training age, the frequency of training how, well you are able to create a training stimulus and respond/recovery from it.

Muscle growth can occur at almost at repetition and set frequency and will depend on your training status and whether or not you can create a stimulus that the body needs to respond to. 

Rules Of Thumb For Muscle Growth

  • Repetitions: 8–12 per set , although some individuals see results with reps as high as 15 or more.

  • Sets: 3–5 sets is a good starting point. Great results have been shown with 10 sets per week. More than 10+ sets you may see negative results.

If you’re an outlier, you have legs the size of tree trunks and your job is to train, eat, and rest all day these variables can obviously differ. 

  • Load: ~60–75% of your 1RM

  • Tempo: concentric contraction can be 1–3 seconds / the eccentric contraction is more important for hypertrophy you should keep the muscle under tension at least 4–10 seconds.

  • Find a high-quality program/coach and stick with it.

  • Emphasize recovery, without it training, is worthless.