How To Train for Explosive Strength


Training Explosively

also known as Strength Speed or Dynamic Effort

This type of training is used to increase strength, speed and power. The benefit you gain will lean towards strength but not maximum strength or maximum power.

Common Exercises Used to Improve Explosive Strength

  • Clean Pull

  • Power Clean

  • Snatch

    • Each of these exercises can be done with a variety of different techniques and starting positions.

      These are a few of the most common because in order to train explosive strength the exercise must have a large range of motion (ROM). Large ROM is required to achieve the highest velocity possible.

Primary goals of training in this manner

  • Increase the Rate of Force Development

  • Improve intramuscular and intermuscular coordination

  • Improve Neural-muscular activation.

Simply, you are training not just to develop the fibers in the muscle to coordinate and grow (intra) as a bodybuilder would but also training them to work efficiently with other muscles (inter).

You are training the nervous system (nerves) and muscular system (muscles) to work together more effectively and increase the amount of muscle fibers used in the fastest time.

How to Program for Explosive Strength

Developing Explosive Strength will be contingent upon the velocity you can move the mass


Repetitions, Sets, and Rest

These factors will vary based on factors such as:

  • Experience and Training age

  • Individual strengths and Weaknesses

  • Season or macro-cycle you are training in

  • Sports and position

Explosive Strength Program Design


45-60% of 1RM






45-120 seconds


Fast and explosive