Increase Energy Storage

Increase ATP Storage With Aerobic Exercise

With consistent aerobic training you can increase the levels of stored ATP in your body. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), is the energy storage and transfer unit within the cells of the body. It is critical not only for sports performance but also for a healthy and functional body and brain. Along with ATP stores of other energy substrates are increased including creatine phosphate and glycogen.

Aerobic training, simply means you body is using oxygen as it’s primary energy source. Usually any exercise you can do for an extended period of time can be considered aerobic.

During aerobic exercise your heart rate should be about 70%-80% of your maximum heart rate.

A simple, unscientific way to test if you are in a aerobic training zone is to attempt to carry on a conversation. If you take a breathe between every 3-5 words during conversation you are probably in an aerobic training zone. If you start needing the breath between each word you are probably becoming more anaerobic (without oxygen).

Find Your Specific Aerobic Training Zone