Aerobic Training Adaptations

When you consistently train aerobically(with oxygen), it can provide many physical benefits. With consistent aerobic training you can expect to see decreases in your body fat and increases in ATP storage capacity.

One of the changes that helps you become more efficient aerobically is the increase in capillary density inside your muscles fibers. This simply means that circulation will improve and your body will start to deliver oxygen more efficiently.

The capillaries are the tiny branchings of the arterioles. The arterioles are the small vessels that divide the arteries. The capillaries are only responsible for only about 5% of blood distribution during circulation but they are crucial for exchanging oxygen, nutrients, and waste. They are extremely small and when combined they form small veins, which then are combined to form larger veins. It take approximately 10 capillaries to make up the width of a single human hair.