The Best Training Shoes For Athletes

If there is one piece of training apparel that can influence your performance it is footwear. If you are an athlete or an avid fitness enthusiast you already know this. You have probably tried every pair under the sun, searching for that perfect fit. It is the one piece of gear most athletes spend the most time researching and usually the most expensive piece of apparel you will spend money on.

The single most important factor when training and working out is to stay injury free. You may not think your training shoe has an impact on preventing injuries but the difference can be significant.

  • Does your shoe have the right base for the training you are doing?

  • What degree loft will work best to keep you injury free?

  • Can you quickly switch from running shoes to minimalist shoes?

  • Do you really need motion control or inserts in your shoes?

  • Do you need specific weightlifting shoes?

Cross-training | Running

Best for training a variety of ways including, running, strength training, agility, and plyometric work.

Adidas Ultraboost Running

Adidas men's speed trainer 3.0


Adidas Speed Trainer

Nike Train Speed 4

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Inov-8 Men's All Train 215 cross trainer

Inov-8 Mens's all train 215 cross trainer

Inov-8 men's all train 215 cross trainer

inov-8 mens's f-lite 250 performance trainer

Inov-8 men's F-lite 235 v2 cross trainer

inov-8 F-lite 195 cross trainer

inov-8 men;s bare xf 210 v2 cross trainer

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Running

New Balance Cypher V-1

NoBull Cross Training Shoe

Reebok Nano Cross-Training


Weight Training | Olympic Lifting

While you may be able to run for short distances with these shoes they are optimized for weight lifting


Inov-8 men's fastlift 325 weightlifting shoe

inov-8 fastlift 335 weight lifting shoe

Adidas powerlift 3.1 weight lifting shoe

Adidas performance men's powerlift 3.1 weight lifting shoe

Nordic Lifting Powerlifting Shoe

Converse Chuck Taylor High

Converse Chuck Taylor Low